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Toowong QLD 4066 Australia



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The Integrated Solution for Civil Engineering and Surveying Software

For over 20 years, Keays Software has served the civil engineering and surveying comunity with comprehensive, cutting edge software designed by engineers, surveyors and information technology specialists. The Keays Software package is a complete, integrated solution for all civil engineering and surveying needs.

Keays Software provides solutions for:

  • Pickup and production of 3D terrain models for civil design packages
  • CAD drawings of existing features from field survey data
  • Surface modelling from small subdivisions to major land development projects
  • Complete road design computations ranging from simple dead end streets to complex multilane roadways, including intersection design and roundabouts with flyover structures
  • Real-time visualisation of 3D terrain models and environments
  • Infrastructure design of water supply, drainage and gravity sewerage
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