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The programs developed by KEAYS Software are freely available to be downloaded from the KEAYS website. To make use of them however, they need to be authorized. There are two possible ways to do this, either by a hardware lock or by a software lock.

Hardware Lock

The Keays dongle is issued from the Keays Software head office. The lock is physically shipped to the client and will take several days to arrive. The advantage of the hardware lock is that it is a physical device that can be insured. Management is often happier to have a hardware lock. Another advantage is that it can be moved from computer to computer without contacting Keays Software. The license lasts as long as the hardware lock is available.

Software Lock

The software lock is installed via a phone conversation or via a series of email messages. The user runs the Keays licensing program GETSEC or WGETSEC. The program gives out a license number that is unique to the machine it is run on. The license usually lasts for six months, but other time periods are available. At the end of each six month period the license is renewed. A more in depth description of the process can be found here.

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