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String 2006 Development Update - 14/11/2006

The Keays Software String 2006 design package has reached version 0.9.1 of its Alpha development cycle. Some tools and features have yet to be added, and there remain some bugs that have yet to be fixed. Steady progress is being made, and String 2006 nears the beginning of its Beta testing phase, in which all Keays Software customers will be encouraged to switch to using String 2006 in tandem with support offered by the String 2006 development team.

String 2006 is designed to be backwards compatible with older versions of the String package, and interoperates with the Keays Software suite. This means that files produced by String 2006 and its predecessor can be used interchangeably.

String 2006 demonstrates intergration of the table, graphical and 3D design features in an intuitive, easy to use, customizable interface. By the end of its Beta cycle, String 2006 will contain all features currently supported its predecessor, enhanced by real-time 3D graphics technology, as well as an array of new features.

Further details on String 2006 can be found here.

Virus Warning - emails about passwords from keays - 20/12/2005

Hopefully this should be obvious to most users, but if you receive an email appearing to be from treat it with caution.

The email reads something like the following...

Dear user ........,

You have successfully updated the password of your Keays account.

If you did not authorize this change or if you need assistance with your account, please
contact Keays customer service at:

Thank you for using Keays!
The Keays Support Team

+++ Attachment: No Virus (Clean)
+++ Keays Antivirus -

The things to be aware of...

  1. There is NO SUCH THING as Keays Antivirus. While we do have an anitvirus suite here, and do everything we can to ensure that everything we post here, or email is virus free, but there is NEVER a guarantee.
  2. Emails will be from one of the staff here and not a [ generic admin / support / techsupport / web ] address.
  3. Passwords are normally emailed in the clear or as a reset string of pseudo random characters.
  4. ... and as usual treat attachments as suspicious if they are not expected. I would never trust an email saying the attachment was clean, scan it yourself to be sure.


Products in development: Information and screenshots - 13/04/2005

We have added an In Development section to the products menu, where we will be adding information about upcoming products complete with screenshots. The first product added is String 2005, the upcoming release of the Keays Software String module.

Website Relaunch - 29/09/2004

The website has relaunched with a new design and new functionality. Certain areas are restricted to customers and as such existing customers should create a user profile using the customer login panel above. Several additions to the new website are planned for the near future. If you experience any difficulties with the new website, please don't hesistate to use our bug report system or contact us directly. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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