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String 2009






For over twenty years, the String module has been employed by the Civil Engineering and Surveying communities as an editing package for geometric design and surface modelling. String 2009 is the latest version of the String module, now based on a powerful 3D rendering engine and an array of new design and visualisation features. String 2009 unites traditional Keays Software design methodologies with cutting-edge technology.



Full 3D Viewing/Editing Space


Dynamic, intuitive 3D camera system allowing for easy navigation in complex environments


Hardware driven support for fast rendering features including real-time texturing, lighting and advanced rendering techniques


Real-time aerial photography mapping provides a reference for string modelling


Easy selection of points by mouse, table or plot-code.


Multiple view windows for 3D Inspection View, 2D Plan View, 2D Elevation View, Long Section View and Table View.


File facilities allow for reading and writing of transfer files in MOSS, Surpac, Keays Transfer, 3D Model, Geocomp, SDR and Civilcad file formats.


Facilities to add, append, delete, modify, split, join, polysplit, crack string to include close points, calculate area of selected strring and intersect strings


Parallel string generation with parallel distance and grade, specific RL and grade or second string and grade


Point and string inquiry by plot codes, notes point numbers and string or by digitizer


Least squares adjustment and display residulals performed by digitizer registration


Character display of plot codes, notes, RLs and point numbers


Grid point generation with user defined XYZ increments


Selective deletion based on inclusion/exclusion criteria for user defined polygon


Data integrity verification by calculation of standard deviation


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