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Keays Software Training Services

Keays packages are extensive and a thorough understanding allows users to take full advantage of the software. Training covers civil engineering and surveying aspects as well as computer related training. The extent and length of training may vary to suit the experience of the user. As the Keays packages are continually revised, it is best to organise an annual training session to cover changes and updates. Keays Software provides several options for training, outlined below.

Self Training

Keays Software packages include extensive user manuals which aid new users in learning the software. Online help and technical support is provided to all Keays Software customers at no charge. The packages are being revamped so that users can learn from using the software. The user manuals describe the features of the program but not always how to use the software.


Training seminars can be run at the Keays Software office. The newsletter gives a listing of currently proposed workshops. It is best to send new staff to the regular training sessions. Please contact Keays Software if you wish to organise a training seminar.


When new features are released customers can request an on site training session so that existing staff can be upgraded to the new version. A representative from Keays Software will be available to show users the new features. An annual one day visit is helpful to both parties.

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